About Us

Roger and Caryn in Oak Creek Canyon

Roger Hill, Co-Owner

Most people know Roger from his storm chasing expeditions. He has been featured on over 50 television programs including National Geographic’s "Twister Tours” and "Twister Chasers”, the Discovery Channel, Learning Channel, Travel Channel’s "Tornado Alley USA”, History Channel, many programs on the Weather Channel such as "Full Force Nature” and "Storm Stories”, as well as various media around the world. He is also the current GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS holder for witnessing the most tornadoes in the history of mankind! He is a highly acclaimed photographer with his works featured in publications, calendars, magazines, galleries and television programs around the world. He has done various speaking engagements with universities, civic organizations and conventions around the country. Roger has been a videographer and photographer for nearly 30 years (his first nature photographs appeared on television in 1987), while running tours for the past 20 years.

His clients have said that Roger has a zest for adventure. His enthusiasm and zeal are contagious. He believes in what he does and loves to share his knowledge and expertise with his guests. Roger feels it is important for his guests to understand their equipment and surroundings, and to always "leave the land as you find it”. His teachings have been called "eye openers” with guests gaining a greater understanding of what it takes to get that prized photograph as well as how the southwestern monsoon storms work, or how to photograph a slot canyon. He always goes the extra mile where others may stop. He has always had the "never give up” attitude.

In the past two decades Roger and his wife Caryn have travelled and photographed the American southwest extensively. From the high peaks of Colorado, the Canyonlands of Utah, to the deserts of Arizona and the badlands of New Mexico, they have witnessed many areas off the beaten path some have never dreamed of. Roger loves the southwestern monsoon thunderstorms, especially when combined with the amazing landscapes to provide a photograph that captures the land and the intense storms that sculpt it. He also has a zest for slot canyons, hiking through numerous slots in the Colorado Plateau. Combine that with the experiences gained from traversing this amazing countryside, over a decade of experience operating tours, Roger and Caryn are welcoming guests to come and experience the incredible spectacles of nature the southwest provides.

They also maintain other "storm” related websites, including www.silverliningtours.com, which feature Roger and Caryn’s phenomenal storm chasing tours. He also has a new photography website at www.rogerhillphotography.com. So come and be a part of our Southwest Photography Tours and enjoy one of the most fascinating locations in the world in the comfort of our vehicles instead of having to drive yourself around like many other tours require. We stay in comfortable hotels (also included!) to afford a good night’s rest and get ready for the next day’s adventures!


Caryn Hill, Co-Owner

Creativity. Inspiration. Happiness.

There is nothing like driving down the road, setting amongst the quiet surroundings and seeing so many photographic opportunities fly by. I use this time to gather and store the visions that I feel my camera should capture next. This is a time where I let my creativity develop my next shoot. This is the time to capture the visions that inspire my happiness. It’s time to shoot and it’s time to share my love and enthusiasm for photography with you!

Hi, I’m Caryn Hill. I’m here to help you create and inspire your happiness. I’ve been told I’m a "woman on a mission” many times throughout my life and with keeping that in mind, I’m here to inspire you, the same way my creativity has inspired me. I’m here to help guide you through the various learning curves on how to shoot a red hot arch in the rising sun or a darkened slot canyon that is bursting with deep oranges, reds and purples. I’m here to help open your eyes to a unique way of shooting at a different angle. I’m here to send you home with photos you never thought possible of obtaining. I’m here to share with you, my passion for shooting the southwest!

My background in photography is simple. I am a self-taught photographer that had to learn by trial and error, during the film years! My early years of shooting began when I "co-managed” a camera department in Evanston, Wyoming during the oil boom years. My first camera was a fully manual, Pentax K-1000, that eventually took a swim in the Green River. From there I moved onto the Pentax, ME Super and shot everything from landscapes to motorcycles and wildlife, having images published in local newspapers and magazines. Fast forward to the digital years and I am now the proud owner of a Canon 5D, Mark III; a 7D Mark II; and a variety of L series and prime lenses. My leap of faith back into photography has now brought forth gallery showings, senior portraits (I love photographing young people, they are so full of energy!) commercial equine photography and published severe weather photography. I have had the pleasure of working with award winning photographers and videographers through hired gigs with The Discovery Channel, Google and BBC, just to name a few. My love of the southwest is my "icing on the cake” and therein lies the desire to share that with you.

So please, come join us, as we venture out into places you can’t find on Google. I promise to send you home with a bit of inspiration and happiness.