How advanced in photography do I need to be?

Anyone will find our tours to be a great learning experience. We will offer limited in the field instruction that will cover but not limited to: composition, lighting, camera settings for shooting lightning, how to shoot star trails and more. On our slot canyon tours, we’ll teach you how to shoot various features in the canyons and how light plays to create an amazing shot. Our participants vary from near beginners to intermediate and advanced amateur, semiprofessional and professional. You should, however, be familiar with your equipment and its operation. Always bring you camera manual and any notes or books you have been studying.

What kind and how much equipment should I bring?

We believe lenses in the wide-angle to moderate telephoto range will be most useful. Some way to do close-ups for slot canyon photography is recommended as well. Bring lots of extra batteries and don’t forget plenty of memory cards. Tripods and flashlights are a must as well.

What type of clothing should I pack?

The Desert Thunder tour, based out of Tucson, we suggest you be prepared for desert like temperatures and bring mostly extreme warm weather clothing. The hotel also offers a nice swimming pool and hot tub, so a swimming suit is recommended if you are a swimmer. Our various slot canyon tours come prepared for anything and bring an extra layer of warm clothes when working at higher altitudes or in cooler climates. Good, sturdy vibram bottom hiking shoes or boots are a must as well.

What time do we start, where do we meet, and when do the tours end?

All tours start on the first evening of arrival day, with an orientation meeting at 6:00pm, followed by a group dinner. The meeting location is normally in a small conference room within the first nights hotel but instructions will be given to you upon check in. Your tour will end upon arrival back in Grand Junction, CO for the slot canyon tours, or Tucson, AZ for our Desert Thunder tours. Your departure to your home should be on the following day OR whenever you choose to return home.

What will I learn during "in the field” instruction?

Topics include equipment use, composition, lighting, special techniques, panoramic and multiple exposures. These sessions will take place whenever it is needed or possible.

Is transportation provided?

Yes, we provide transportation from the base hotel during your entire tour. However, it is your responsibility to get to the base hotel upon your arrival day. It is also your responsibility to make arrangements for your trip to and from the airport.

How do I handle lodging reservations?

Upon your completed registration and received deposit, we will make your hotel reservations for you. This will include each night of the respective tour you have registered for. If you chose to come into the base city early or to remain past our last tour night, you are responsible for those reservations and cost yourself. Please email Roger or Caryn, for any lodging questions.

What are the fitness levels I see?

We have tried to make our various tours available to the different needs of different guests, based on how strenuous the activities during the tours are. We have broken it down into 3 categories, low, moderate and high. Low fitness level means that there will be very little hiking involved and those tours are designed for any healthy person. Moderate fitness level means there will be some hiking involved, usually less than a 4 mile round trip, as well as some simple scrambling and bridging techniques (we will teach you!). A high fitness level means there is extensive outdoor activity and hiking involved and it is not suggested for anyone who cannot make a hike of up to 6 miles, or if you cannot hike strenuous trails that may involve scrambling, bridging or chimney techniques.

Does weather ever alter events?

Our main concern is and always will be, the safety of our guests. While it’s our main objective to photograph monsoons and lightning during our Desert Thunder Tours, bad weather” could alter our slot canyon tours. In any event, all efforts will be put forth to photograph until it becomes unsafe to, and then we will plan alternate activities.

How do I register for an event?

We accept Paypal payments, personal checks and money orders. All tours/workshops have an online registration page for convenient and secure online registration. If you have any questions, please CONTACT US. Calls will be returned as promptly as possible.

What’s included in my registration?

Registration includes: Transportation during your tour, lodging each night while on tour, entrance fees to any National Parks we may visit, and "in the field instruction”. Your flights, meals, drinks, snacks, needed camera equipment and any souvenirs you buy, are not included in the cost of registration.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel 60 or more days before the event, we will refund 50% of your fees paid less the nonrefundable deposit. If you cancel any time less than the 60 day period before the workshop start date, you will forfeit any fees paid unless we can resell your spot at which point you would receive a 50% refund of fees paid less the nonrefundable deposit. 

Disclaimer: The actual terms and conditions of the customer agreement control any contractual arrangement.